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New Tapehead Series: My Pet Monster


When I was younger, between switching schools, new friends and constant parental fighting, I always found myself seeking refuge in our local video store a few blocks away from our home. 

The owner, Cecile, was pretty awesome. She kind of knew about my personal situation and would let me stay there for hours watching movies, reading VHS magazines, re-stocking tapes and even giving me posters to bring home. 99% of the time I chose anything horror related. I remember having these two on my wall for years:

Something about being in that store always made me feel good. Just going through the aisles and renting movies I've never heard of just because they had these awesome VHS covers was usually how it went. That or just renting Goonies or The Wraith 400 times. 

Well, over the past couple months, we have been working on a series called Tapehead. Basically, its a throwback to movies that many of us probably saw and cherished during the VHS days but most likely forgot about. 

For instance, we have been teasing for a while on Instagram and Facebook, our first collaboration with FalconToys:

If you haven't seen Mac and Me, then I suggest you do. But do it drunk. And with your friends. It makes the whole experience much more enjoyable.

The very limited toys are basically and I think we should be seeing a release very soon. 

The goal of the Tapehead series though is to incorporate all mediums of art. We plan on having toys, posters, shirts as well as screenings.  We have come up with great list of titles that have built a nice underground following and hope you enjoy what we have planned.

Our first release in the series comes from Matt Ryan Tobin and it's for the 1986 film My Pet Monster

The poster is a 18 x 24, 4 color screen print and will be a numbered out of an edition of 50. Each will cost $40.
My Pet Monster was just one of those films that I watched over and over again because of three things:
1) The Intro
2) The Monster
3) This guy. 
The ending's cliffhanger left room for a sequel. Yea, that never happened. But hey, it was a great way to spend 90 minutes as a child.

Written by Arseny Libon — May 12, 2014

Post-Blizzard Shipping Updates

Hi guys,

About two weeks ago, we mentioned on Facebook and Twitter that New York was going to be hit with a couple major snow storms. Unfortunately, this was going to occur a week after our "It Came From 1984" show.

A majority of the items from the show had been packed by the time the storm eventually hit. However, we were unable to ship the items out due to the storm. 

By the time the roads cleared and we were able to reach the gallery, we shipped the items out right away.

Over the last few days, we have been receiving emails from customers inquiring about the status of their packages. A concern that we totally understand, especially if you received your tracking between February 11th-13th. The good news is that your packages were safe and sound in our gallery. All tubes ended up leaving the gallery btwn the 21st-22nd.

Still even with the packages out, we are noticing that that its still taking a while for USPS to deliver. It honestly doesn't seem like USPS has delivered anything yet that's outside a 3-4 state radius of New York. Here are a few examples of how long it took just to deliver to NY, PA, RI and MA.




All we ask is just to hang in there. Seems like things are moving. So sorry for the wait. 

If you have any questions, you can email us anytime.


Joe, Arsen and Josh.


Written by Arseny L — March 01, 2014

Mick Minogue's "The Little Princess Castle"

For our upcoming It Came From 1984 show, Mick Minogue chose to do a piece inspired by the film Purple Rain.

"Being an avid Prince fan this was a piece I was always hoping to make. Watching Purple Rain today I still can't understand why Prince was living with his dysfunctional parents whilst being very much Prince."

 The piece is made from "wood, paint, card, perspex, endorphins, Princes back catologue on repeat, sweat, tears, water from Lake Minnetonka." 

Come see "The Little Princess Castle" this Friday at Bottleneck Gallery.




Written by Arseny L — February 05, 2014

Cyber Monday Release with Rob Loukotka and Matt Ferguson

Hope everyone enjoyed their holiday weekend!

Please join us tomorrow, December 2nd at 12pm eastern as we release two new prints from Rob Loukotka and Matt Ferguson.



“How Horrible Our Christmas Will Be!”
by Rob Loukotka

3 color screen print
36 x 12 inches
S/N edition of 170



"I believe the word you're looking for is "Aaahh"!
by Matt Ferguson
Giclee print
11 x 24 inches
Numbered edition of 125

Written by Arseny L — December 01, 2013

Focal Dystonia (Anville, Kirzhner, Ortiz and Scarecrowoven) + NYCC BOOTH #2167 Information

With our one year anniversary in the rear view mirror, we are excited to announce Bottleneck's first 4-man exhibition, Focal Dystonia.



Please join us on Friday, October 4th, from 7pm-10pm as we showcase new works from Alex Kirzhner, Justin Anville, Randy Ortiz and Scarecrowoven.


We will be holding an exclusive preview sale Thursday, October 3rd, from 8pm-9pm eastern on our site All remaining work after the opening will go on sale Saturday, October 5th, at 12pm eastern.


Admission and refreshments are free and sponsored by our neighbors, O-live.


Please follow us on Facebook ( and Twitter ( for more information and previews as we get closer to the show.


Also, Focal Dystonia will not be the only event we will be a part of in October. 

If you happen to be attending NYCC this year, come over and say hi to the Bottleneck crew. We will be located at booth #2167 and will be releasing new pieces from the following artists:


Bobby O' Herlihy*

Bruce Yan*


Craig Drake


Jorsh Pena

JP Valderrama*

Justin Van Genderen

Laurent Durieux

Mark Lone

Marko Manev*

Matt Ferguson

Matt Jones

Patricio Betteo


Randy Ortiz*

Ricardo Chucky

Rob Loukotka

Timothy Pittides*

Tomasz Opasinski

The Planet of Socks


Might be a chance that one or two more artists will be added to this list.

We also went a tad crazy and bought this:



Yes, that is correct, those are Big Slice lollipops. 


Only thing we ask, is that since we signed up for the booth, we have been hearing that due to the traffic at the convention, Wi-Fi might be an issue. So if you are looking to purchase anything, try your best to bring cash as backup. We will be ready for all situations.


Should be a great time. Hope to see you there!


*Artists will be in attendance







Written by Arseny L — September 22, 2013

Cuyler Smith's Cut Short Closing Pieces

Thank you to everyone that checked out Cuyler Smith's first solo show, Cut Short. 

Cuyler had been working on his 150+ piece show since last year and to finally see it on the wall was an amazing feeling.

If you haven't had a chance, you can check out the entire show at

Tomorrow, at 12pm eastern, we will be closing out his show with 5 brand new pieces:






Each piece is an edition of 20 and cost $20.

Also, we want to thank Matt who won our St. Jude Children's Charity Auction. The character he chose for Cuyler to draw was everyone's favorite sensei, Mr. Miyagi.

This will be available as well with an edition of 10 and priced at $20.

Please stay tuned to Facebook and Twitter for more details.

-The Bottleneck Team

Written by Arseny Libon — August 22, 2013

New Project Launch: Under The Bridge + JPS "Girl on Swings with Balloons" Print Release

 Over the last couple of months, we have been teasing about this new project we have been working on called Under The Bridge.

Under The Bridge is basically a passion project of ours that will focus mainly on street art while giving back to our local community.

With every purchase made at U.T.B, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to help fund the annual Welling Court Mural Project in Queens that happens each year here in New York.

This Friday, August 2nd, at, we will release our first print from U.K. artist JPS.

Dubbed by the media as "Girl On A Swing With Balloons", in early May, the piece took Bristol by storm.

The 2 color, 18 x 24 screen print will go on sale this Friday, August 2nd at 12pm eastern and will be out of an edition of 75 and cost $100 (₤70)

Each piece will be numbered in our seal and come with a matching and signed COA from JPS.

There will also be 4 variant colors:



Edition of 15

$150 (₤98)


Edition of 15

$150 (₤98)


Edition of 15

$150 (₤98)


Edition of 15

$150 (₤98)

We are currently working on making a Facebook and Twitter page. For the meantime, we will be using our Bottleneck page for releases.

As a thank you to everyone for the continued support, for this release, shipping in the U.S will be free and international will be only $15 U.S.D.

If you have any questions, please email us anytime.

- The Bottleneck/U.T.B Team

Written by Arseny Libon — July 28, 2013

Marko Manev's Next Noir Set + Bottleneck's First Subscription Service

Marko and Bottleneck thank everyone for making his first series such a success!  Since our first release, we raised close to $2,000 for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

Over the last couple of months, Marko has been hard at work at expanding his Noir series to other genres and the wait has paid off.

This Friday, August 2nd, at around 1pm eastern, we will be offering our first ever subscription service here at Bottleneck.

The subscription will cost $280 ($35 each) and include his next set of 8 prints. Subscriptions will be limited and the prints in this series will be an edition of 100 each.

Being that this is our first subscription, we want to make this fun for everyone involved so here are the perks:

1) Matching Numbers 

2) A roll-over subscription option for Marko's future Noir set 

3)  Free shipping on the second of set of prints shipped out. (4 prints are sent at a time)

4) Special presale for an upcoming event.

5) A free 9th print that will not be for sale to anyone. (Will be included in the second tube)

If you don't want a subscription and just rather go for individual prints, here is our release schedule:

August 6th @ 12pm eastern - #1 and #2

August 20th @ 12pm eastern - #3 and #4

September 2nd @ 12pm eastern - #5 and #6

September 20th @ 12pm eastern - #7 and #8

Subscribers would start receiving packages the week of August 20th and September 20th.

And in case you might have missed our newsletter, here is a tease of the next 8.

We are extremely excited for this and if anyone has any questions, please feel free to email us anytime.  

-The Bottleneck Team

Written by Arseny Libon — July 28, 2013

Dan Mumford's Last Stand Release Information

We are pleased to announce our first of hopefully many collaborations with the great Dan Mumford.

This Tuesday, July 30th, at 12pm eastern we will be releasing his latest print, Last Stand.

Last Stand, Dan's demonic take on George A. Romero's Living Dead series will have two different versions. 


Giclee print on velvet somerset paper

16.5 x 23.40 inches (A2)

Numbered edition of 100



Giclee print on velvet somerset paper

16.5 x 23.40 inches (A2)

Numbered edition of 50




Written by Arseny Libon — July 28, 2013

Where Is My Mind? - Trip To Bat Country

What type of show would Where is My Mind? be without a little dose of Hunter S. Thompson?

Artists Adam Whitnall (MessyMedia), Geoff Trampt, and Isaac Bidwell take us all on a little trip to bat country.

Adam Whitnall

Geoff Trapp

Isaac Bidwell

Written by Arseny Libon — July 12, 2013