Shinji Kimura's Robots Invade Bottleneck Today!

Last year, some of you might remember that we had a special release with Laurent Durieux during New York Comic Con for his robots "Virgile" and Vincent".

These two robots were actually part of a bigger Futuristic Robots project created by Walter Pezzali  
who then created the robots into toys.

(Painted by Kevin Derken aka Klav Mak)

(Painted by Walter Pezzali)

One of the other artists Walter approached was Shinji Kimura who has done work on many anime films like Akira, My Neighbor Totoro, Tekkonkinkreet and Steamboy.

Today,at 12pm eastern, we will be releasing Walter and Shinji's collection of prints at Bottleneck.

All prints are 22 x 17 inches, numbered out of an edition of 50 and will cost $40 each.





We thank Walter for letting us be a part of this.

To find out more about his toy collaborations, please head on over to his Facebook page, "Futuristic Robots"

All prints will go on sale at Bottleneck Gallery.

The Bottleneck Team

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Andy Fairhurst's Star Wars Character Print Set (Luke, Yoda and Vader) On Sale Today!

After all of the incredible news that came from Star Wars Celebration this past weekend, we thought it would be nice to have a special post-Celebration release this week at Bottleneck with Acme Archives (Acme Archives).

Today, Andy Fairhust returns to Bottleneck with his set of stunning, official, Star Wars character prints featuring Luke Skywalker, Yoda, and Darth Vader.

Each 13 x 19 giclee print is numbered out of an edition of 175 and will cost $35 each ($100 for the set).

The set will be available at 12pm eastern over at Bottleneck Gallery.

Also, if you purchased anything from our glow in the dark show and it hasn't shipped already, we will combine and refund any shipping to save you some costs. 

Thanks for all your support
The Bottleneck Team

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PEZ's "Primus and the Chocolate Factory" Release Information

When we received an email from PEZ about Zoltron asking him to be a part of the "Primus and the Chocolate Factory" tour series, we couldn't have been more excited for him. The posters for the tour have been nothing short of incredible and for him to be a part of it was a real honor.

Tomorrow, Tuesday, April 14th, we will be releasing PEZ's copies of his print from the sold out April 10th show.

The 18 x 24 screen print is numbered out of an edition of 250 and will cost $50.

There will also be two signed variants:



Both prints are 18 x 24 inches. The mono edition is signed and numbered out of an edition of 40 and will cost $70 and the Pearl edition will be signed and numbered out of an edition of 30 and cost $80.

All prints will go on sale at 12pm eastern at Bottleneck Gallery.

Thanks for your constant support!

-The Bottleneck Team

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Chris Skinner's "Highway 26" Foil Print Release Today!

For today's release, we thought we would do something a little special and we ended up screen printing Chris Skinner's latest Akira inspired piece, "Highway 26" on foil. :-)

"Highway 26" is a 24 x 18 inch screen print that is numbered out of an edition of 125 and will cost $45 each.

The results came out incredible. To see the foil in action, please head to this link:

We also have a very small edition of 30 regular prints on paper that will cost $45 each as well.

Both prints go on sale at 12pm eastern on our website, Bottleneck Gallery.

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David Welker x Mockingbird Foundation x Bottleneck Gallery - "Rutherford" Foil Release Information

The wait is finally over....
Tomorrow, March 31st, at 12pm eastern, we will be releasing David Welker's foil version of "Rutherford" for the Mockingbird Foundation's upcoming book release, "The Phish Companion - 3rd Edition".

This release is just the start of many collaborations with the Mockingbird Foundation, a non-profit that has raised over $800k in small grants for music programs around the country.

Last week they also released a press release on "Rutherford" and a little hint at what's to come...

The Mockingbird Foundation is excited to announce "Rutherford", the first in a series of art prints commissioned for our upcoming book The Phish Companion - 3rd Edition. Gloriously executed by the brilliant David Welker, the artist behind Phish's Rift cover art, this print features an armor-suited Rutherford plunging into the depths of a raging river. Framed by rich Gamehendgian imagery, David's stunning interpretation will be reproduced in TPC3 to introduce the first era of Phish.

This is the first in a series of eight art prints being created by top artists, each representing a different era of the band's career. Each print will be reproduced in full color in TPC3, and also sold as limited edition prints (both individually, and as a complete set). More details about the print series will be released in the coming weeks.

David has created a special mirror foil edition of "Rutherford", which we are excited to make available via our friends at Bottleneck Gallery. This screenprint measures 24" x 18", is printed on mirror foil paper (similar to David's acclaimed Alpharetta '14 print), and has an edition size of 600. (There will also be a standard edition of the print, to be sold at a later date.) The mirror foil edition of "Rutherford" will go on sale at 12:00 noon EDT on March 31, 2015, via theBottleneck Gallery website, for $100. Sales are limited to one per person.

Words can't describe how this print looks in person. 

The print will appear on the homepage (Bottleneck Gallery) as well as Mockingbird's new section on our site (Mockingbird Foundation) under shops. If you have any questions, you can email us anytime. :-)

Thanks again to Mockingbird and David for asking us to be a part of this amazing experience!
-The Bottleneck Team

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